About Us


       Wingocean Logistics began to enter the logistics force in 2012, at the beginning of the main transit logistics, starting in 2013, the comprehensive development of international import and export logistics market in 2015, set up branches in Shenzhen - Shenzhen wingocean intermodal logistics limited. We focus on shipping, air and railway transportation. We focus on providing professional logistics service for our customers with high efficiency, peace of mind and safety. We fully integrate the company and social logistics resources, and are dedicated to promoting China's logistics services Industry's rapid and comprehensive development.

       Wingocean international service covers a wide range, involving shipping, air transport, cross-border electricity providers, imports, multimodal transport, bonded logistics, supply chain design, trailer declaration and other professional areas. At the same time in overseas have more than 100 partners, major cities in the domestic long-term stability with the signing of the partners, to provide customers with easy and convenient caring service.

       Our customers include batteries, household appliances, machinery, chemicals, daily consumer goods and other major industries, for a number of Fortune 500 companies, well-known listed companies to provide logistics management services. Shenzhen wingocean intermodal international logistics Co., Ltd. is a freight forwarders, with non-vessel carrier qualifications. We have a long-term win-win relationship with MSK, EMC, CMA, MSC, YML and so on. We also keep good relations with EK, TK, HU, CA, SQ and MU in the industry. To provide customers with superior all-round services.